Jason Aldean Resistol Cowboy Hats Featured Image

Jason Aldean Resistol Cowboy Hats

I thought we would start off by talking about a couple of cowboy hats that seem to be in the “top of the charts” as far as cowboy hats are concerned. I’m talking about Jason Aldean Resistol cowboy hats that are shown in several of his videos, red carpet appearances o television and basically him […]

History of Cowboy Hats Featured

History Of Cowboy Hats

There are many iconic images of the American west. Deserts with rocky outcrops and canyons, cowboy towns such as the O.K. Corral, chaps, the famous six-shooter, etc… We really could go on forever, but nothing is more iconic than a cowboy hat. The history of cowboy hats isn’t hard to nail down. It begun in […]